Any plans to release for companies?

I’m sure a lot of companies/organizations (schools,…) would want to use something as self-repairable as framework. Are there plans to release to companies in a e.g. lower price per unit (if you buy lots of them)?

…probably not until battery life can be improved. Maybe with help from Intel…get onto the Evo program with them.

For any laptop to be considered for mass deployment, one of the [implied] pre-requisite is minimal issue. IT departments (education or enterprise) don’t want to deal with friction.

They may also not want to ‘own’ the devices… Essentially, the lease market is where Framework might want to look at.

(i.e. Going from current “lease” operation model to “in house own and maintain” model… you’ll need additional head counts / skill transition)

Yes the company wants to open up corporate and volume ordering,

but is currently pursuing consumer retail sales.

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