Anyone else notice better performance with Xorg instead of Wayland on Ubuntu 22.04?

Was having some issues with Steam (lots of crashing, hangs, etc) when I decided to switch from Wayland to Xorg.

That ended up fixing the Steam issues I was having but I also noticed that everything felt snappier. Windows open/closed quicker. Context-switching was much faster. Focusing windows feels instantaneous

There’s a million variables that could be causing this, but I wondered if anyone else noticed this too

My build:
CPU: 7840HS
dGPU: Yes
Storage: 4TB
OS: Ubuntu 22.04 (stock, aside from adding Gnome Tweaks)

I’ve noticed this and switched back to Xorg, but I’ve noticed this across other non framework systems too. I know that the latest Nvidia drivers (>535) busted Hyprland and Wayland in general, so I believe it’s just Wayland having a source issue. I’m using NixOS. Chrome isn’t functional in Wayland right now unless you start from the command line and pass a flag to explicitly use Wayland, and a lot of Steam games were not very functional in Wayland due to window issues. After switching back to Xorg it feels like new again.