Anyone know ways to get into tinkering?

I have always wanted to get into tinkering with electronics, but was not sure how. And now with the expansion cards being open source I have wanted to get into making electronics even more. Any suggestions on where or what I could learn?


Element 14’s website and youtube channel are pretty good resources for electronics tinkering, though they might be a little on the intermediate side rather than for total beginners. I’d suggest you try to find some online references on digital electronics and components and maybe some simple electronics kits that you can solder together. That’s how I got started (RIP Radio Shack).

Ok, thanks for the pointers! I will go check out that channel, but like you said I will probably get a kit. Thanks anyways!

Edit: Seems like element 14 has a couple of beginner tutorials about some basics it seems, guess I’ll watch those!

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Glad to help! I used to watch E14 all the time for the Ben Heck show and it was a lot of fun (though not exactly “educational”). I forgot that after he left they started a new series called The Learning Circuit - it looks like it’s right up your alley!