Applied 3.10 bios, still lost 27% battery in 8 days (fully shutdown)

My main battery does not loose power when powered off or when hibernating, only when in sleep mode.

I think you may find that is incorrect, it is an option, I’m not sure about being recommended as if there is no alternative.

The main battery shouldn’t discharge and the RTC|CMOS requires an hour a day or 6,7,8 or 9 hours a week, so not as traumatic as you seem to find.

It seems like multiple issues are being conflated in this discussion. BIOS 3.08 and newer resolved all known issues we’ve seen around battery drain while shut down. Both our internal testing and the community beta testing confirmed that. However, this is clearly a report of a scenario where a BIOS 3.10 system has drain while shut down, which means there is an unknown issue around it. Please reach out to our Support team. We definitely want to understand what the root cause of this is on this system.


@Stephen_Manis What operation system are you using?
By default windows has an option called “fast startup” enabled, that does not really turn the laptop off, even when shutting it down.
To check right click on the battery icon in the system tray → “power options” → “choose what the power options do” and on the bottom should be a checkbox "Turn on fast start-up (recommended)

I dont have a framework (yet, waiting for Batch 2) and i am not reading this forum for too long, so i dont know, what effect this setting even has on the framework… but maybe there is a chance :slight_smile:

@Simon_F I’m running Linux (Fedora 36). Regardless, I’m done here. I’m selling off my Framework laptop and cutting my losses. I need a machine that’s ready to go when I pull it out of its bag.

@nrp Will you please delete my Framework account and any personal information stored on your systems? I don’t want to receive any further emails from this forum. Your site doesn’t allow me to remove my email address from my account.

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Sorry to hear that :frowning:

Is there a bios option to keep any usb port running for power delivery?
Havent seen it in the original bios guide, but maybe it is outdated.

My last guess would be to enter the bios → Exit → load optimal defaults.
Dont know how that could help, but on each bios update of my current laptop, it gets recommended.

Please submit a ticket to Framework Support for this request. Thanks.

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Sad to see you go… Your journey started off so well at the beginning.

Hope you’ll come back in the future when the Framework laptop fits your use cases.

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Is this something that isn’t happening on the 12th gen laptops? The battery drain during power-off. I couldn’t find anything new about the expansion slot issue. But the latest LTT video mentioned that that should be fixed?

It isn’t clear as to which battery you refer to.

It’s not really possible to measure the ML 1220 (RTC|CMOS) battery lose, so I hope/imagine you are referring to the main battery. If this is the case then there is no reason it should loose 27% in 8 days, some 4% a day.

My 11 gen doesn’t loose any charge when shut down properly, and I see no reason why the 12gen should have a problem.


Maybe I misunderstood the problem. I thought the main battery was loosing charge during power-off. I didn’t notice it was about the CMOS battery. And since it is replaceable, it is not that much of an issue. Still, it’s wasteful.

I’m not sure what the 27% refers to but it would make sense someone has an issue with the main battery.

Regarding the small CMOS ML 1220 it should last for many years, depending upon use. It has a capacity for 3 weeks and at least 100 cycles, so 300 weeks, or a good four years.

I imagine I’ll get four years out of each battery. :slight_smile:

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Yeah, OP experienced two issues:

  1. Main battery drain even when fully shutdown with 3.10 BIOS.
  2. Can’t power up even when main battery has charge, until AC adapter was plugged in.

That sounds like the ML 1220 wasn’t fully or well charged before the 8 day break. Maybe there were other long breaks before and little use in between. After 8 days I’d want to power up for 12 hours to be safe.

On the first issue ‘fully shutdown’ sounds definitive, but I’ve no idea waht really happened. Hopefully the OP can charge for 24 hours andcheck again after afew days.

I only charge to 78% > power off over night > use again the next evening and the charge is still 78% ??

Me neither.

At this point, all we know for sure is that more and more people will continue to run into various forms for “Can’t power / boot up” and / or “Main battery drain” issues…until they’re all fixed. It’s just a matter of time before one would experience it themself.

BIOS release note states that “main battery drain during off state” (symptom) was fixed…but it seems like it ‘fixed’ one of the causes…but not all the causes. So the symptom is still showing up.

Don’t say things like that :slight_smile:

Yes but only in that state, there was no mention of a discharging battery and hence no fix.

haha…anything that could go wrong, would eventually go wrong when given enough time. Or, as the Chinese say, if you go up to the mountain enough time, you’ll eventually come across a tiger.

Agree…the issue seems to be there, still.

There’s nothing to fix in relation to the text/argument ??

What could possibly go wrong? It’s a machine with a finite working ‘life’ that like people it will die one day is not ‘wrong’

Hope I’m not poking the tiger, or should that be pulling it’s tale :slight_smile:

In the OP.

Are you not following…or am I not following?

In 3.09 Beta:
“Reduce main battery drain in off state by turning off analog reference in charger IC.”

Now, given the wording of “reduce” and not “eliminiate”…is a drain of 27% of the main battery over 8 days the expected behaviour for BIOS 3.10? (e.g. It was really bad before 3.09…and now…not as bad?)

Right…what could…