Apps freeze and crashes when laptop is idle

Not sure if this is a Framework issue or a Windows issue. This has started happening within the past 1-2 weeks. When I leave my laptop idle for a couple hours then apps will crash. Apps like werfault.exe and idle_report.exe will crash and Brave either freezes or crashes.
I wonder if a new driver / windows update started causing the problem? Does anyone else have this issue?

Haven’t had any problems myself on Windows 10, although I don’t use any of the apps you listed. It may be worthwhile to check the Event Viewer to see if you can find any details on the crashes, otherwise you can try rolling back your drivers with the original driver package (11th gen) (12th gen). Also remember that you can always contact Framework Support if there isn’t anyone on the forum who can answer your question!

Not sure if that may help, but there seem to be some hard freezes for some users on Fedora here :
Hard freezing on Fedora 36 with the new 12th gen system - #47 by ngxson

Idle as in sleep or do you just have the screen go off etc. ??

I don’t think it’s related to the issue here, since the hard freezing problem on Fedora is specific to integrated GPU driver’s problem (i915 driver).

What I can suggest you to do is to re-install Windows. I’ve used windows for almost 10+ years before switching to Fedora, so I know that windows is likely to have tendency to corrupt system files (due to bad update/driver installation/hard disk fail…)

Edit: Once upon a time, my computer crashed everytime I print something. I called microsoft support and they eventually re-install windows on my computer…

I’d suggest a clean windows install if nothing seems out of the ordinary in event viewer. If it continues to happen after a fresh install contact support with a link to this thread and extra info.

Hope it works out! :blush:

Both actually. I’m using Windows 11

I’m using Win 11 dual boot with Ubuntu 22.04.

Mostly using Win 11 with no such problem

i7 1165 Pre built