Are BIOS updates stable?

I notice that many of the recent BIOS releases say “Beta”.

As someone with an 11th gen laptop on bios 3.07 who wants a stable experience and suspects that newer bios’s may resolve issues, should I try upgrading to the newer BIOS versions? or is it likely that there will be a “Stable” release following these “beta” versions that I should wait for?

Excellent question. BIOS 3.10 Beta Release - #13 by Nixingit

Calling something stable really means there are few to no complaints not the the release is any different from the Beta. It’s a bit like the beta just hasn’t been out in the wild long enough to get a negative feedback…
The 3.07, was fine as was the 3.08, the 3.09 is a serious problem which the 3.10 is to address.

We currently use a ~2 week Community testing window on Beta BIOS releases before promoting them out of Beta. We do a lot of validation on releases internally and at our manufacturing partner, but even so, the Community does root out issues that we missed (hence this 3.10 release). If you are comfortable with participating in that testing, you can jump onto a Beta release, otherwise you can certainly wait until we remove the Beta label.