Are improvements to port rigidity possible?

On my DIY edition, my USB-C port seems to be “not deep enough”. The USB-C bit on my Framework charging cable sticks out by a good amount, to a point that seems abnormal compared to other laptops, whose ports generally allow for the cable to fit flush with the chassis.

I also believe I’ve noticed this on the USB 3.0 expansion card. At any rate, wiggling either a USB or the charging cable in its respective port causes a surprising amount of wiggle, and I was wondering if anyone else has been experiencing this, and takes some issue with it.


Hi Will

Could you share any pictures or clips demonstrating what you’re describing?

Do you mean this?

Yep, partially. The cable ends are visible when they’re still plugged in on the charging cable, and USB 3.0 sticks

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Yes I didn’t like to complain over such a small issue, but now you have the same I may question support.

So it’s not really a rigidity issue per ce, though that may be a consequence, the issue is clearly that the USB C board in the expansion card is a little too long.

Either the female port is too shallow or it has been cut to fit the card ??

I think the receptacle is just a shallower port design. Looking at the documentation they posted for the reel component they use, it has an image of a cable connected showing there should be some distance between port and cable jacket.

@amoun My thoughts were the same as yours at first, not really worth talking to support about this. And yes, I agree that this is definitely the cause for poor rigidity. I also agree with you in the fact that they most likely made the port design shallower in order to accommodate the card.

I do wish they would fix this though.

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Not an easy fix I imagine.

I bought a Batch 8 in Feb 2022 so I wonder what newer expansion cards are like?

Still the same, it’s pretty annoying, especially for things that are meant to sit flush such as magnetic heads.

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