Are the AMD batches going to be on time? Not going to be like GPD, right?

Referring to this: GPD Accuses AMD of Violating Supply Contract | Tom's Hardware

Maybe Framework beat out GPD in getting the 7840u…

Well, I would certainly hope Framework would be a higher priority than some indiegogo nobodies! Delays should just be expected when you’re bottom rung.

Even the article you link says as much

GPD is, of course, a small PC maker and it is possible that AMD’s supply was sold out to larger PC OEMs that typically get supply priority.

Looking over their site, I certainly don’t get the sense that they’re on a similar level as Framework at all, imho.

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What’s not clear is where’s the cut-off of the “small PC maker” category…and where’s Framework on that scale / spectrum?

We don’t know what Framework’s batch size is.

The WIN Max 2 has just over 5600 backers:

You think AMD puts everyone into only two categories, big and small?

It would be dead easy to rank customers by their current order size. No “cut-offs”, just infinite slots. But I would expect a company on the level of AMD would take many more factors into account. Past order history, size and market share of the customer, an assessment of their potential, friendless of the relationship, all things they could factor in.

No, small is what the article says. I say spectrum / scale.

GPD is quite a big brand, I would say easily bigger than Framework. 100+ employees, 6 products, 10 years old, 30M$ revenue…

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Wow, their site certainly doesn’t give that impression to me.

The Framework 16 is in the AMD advantage program. It would be strange if AMD on the same time undermines other Framework (AMD) products.

framework gets AMD chips directly from AMD. gpd does not - they buy their chips from upstream resellers, who had contract issues. I don’t expect framework to encounter this issue.

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I think running a business is just hard, especially when dealing with products that have long lead times.

AMD has always suffered from OEMs treating them as 2nd class behind Intel. Lots of nuances just in that, but I’m not going in there.

An opinion I heard is, OEMs were all betting big behind Meteorlake, but it got so delayed, they decided late to push Phoenix instead, and the supply/demand ratio got completely out of whack. And these things take many many months of planning, all the way to TSMC and possibly even further, and it can’t be switched on a dime.

I’m personally happy to see Phoenix getting a lot of products behind it, even if the whole thing feels a bit delayed. I think it’s an amazing “everything but kitchen sink integrated into it” chip, made using leading edge technology (TSMC 4nm). Hopefully, more good things happen with it (better firmware & drivers, and lots of cool software support for the IPU thingy).

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Where can I read up on that? The FL13 7840U was announced before the FL16 (7840/7940HS) with AMD advantage program. i.e. I’m not sure if the 7840U supply falls under the “directly from AMD” umbrella.

At this rate, FW needs to start shipping a complete batch around once every 10-12 days or so (linearly…I assume). Batch 2 started shipping, still got 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 to ship out in Q4 (about 68 days ish).