Are you keeping your Framework laptop?

Yeap! and I’m sure I’ll have ago at trying to fix the hinges if they go crazy.

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Keeping mine. I was on the waiting list for months in batch 1 and it met all my expectations. While I kept my previous laptop as a hedge against the Framework failing me, I’ve only used it a handful of times over the past 11 months. I’m also glad to see upgraded parts being marketed now, such as the stiffer hinges, and new motherboards/CPUs.

I think this is proof that Framework is staying true to mission, and I’m thrilled. That said, I would really like to next see a larger laptop with a better keyboard as a sophomore outing. If that happens in the next year, I will show up and get on that wait-list as well.


Liked your post but the above ???

I don’t think that’s on the drawing board.

Sadly my laptop will be going back, as I’m running Windows and i can’t get it to play sound to my TV through the HDMI. I have tried 3 different HDMI sockets, non of them will do it. But my old laptop works fine with HDMI to my Sony TV.


Have you not had help from support, as althought the forum does a great job an official request for help would seem a good option.

So how long have you had the laptop and beeen trying this and have you asked for help here as well.

You say you have tried 3 differnet HDMI sockets, do you mean expansion cards or sockets on the TV?

He has sadly no resolution.


Well i have 3 different HDMI sockets, and 3 different HDMI cards. Non of them will work. 4 diffent leads. All sockets on the TV and leads work fine with my old laptop.

Yes i reached out to Framework. They sent me another laptop, but that didn’t solve it.

I’ve been trying for months.

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I’m not privy to inside info, just stating what I’d like to see next. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Weird, I do this with my Framework and multiple different TV’s all the time. Last week I was sending Zoom audio/video to a HDMI TV & OBS preview video to 2 others (mine & presenter) at the same time. 4 video outputs at once.

But I do have to make sure that I am plugged into the right input on the TV’s and use my own cable that I know works for video / audio properly.

Have you checked out (or created) a thread about this or talked to Support.

and theres the real pull to framework. a decade down the line - they have funding, too… i think we’re gonna make it!!!

The keyboard on the Framework laptop really is excellent. I can type consistently 10 wpm faster on it just because of how well spaced it is. The extra travel space they gave us really pays off in having some positive feedback that you have indeed pushed the key.

Really love it and it was something I wasn’t really expecting to be that good.

Yeah, I feel the same when it comes to the keyboard. It definitely is one of the better ones in the thin & light space…probably in the top three.

Just need a Fn lock indicator.

…and spare keycaps from the marketplace some time later. (Don’t want to replace the keyboard section if I don’t have to)

The icing on the cake would be dedicated navigation keys (home, end, pg up, pg down, delete, insert). But that’s not going to happen comfortably on any 14 inch. So I’m happy with the compromise here.

If Framework ever release a 15/16 inch in the future…please consider the Omen 15 keyboard layout as an option? With another option being with numpad (for the 15/16 inch variant). i.e. Numpad or (home, end, pg up, pg down, delete, insert) keys.

Respectfully disagree there, if it was a 14" for sure there would be the space but even with current sizing.

Here is a 14" HP x360

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Personally, for those 6 keys, I have a preference on the traditional 3x2 layout. i.e. key placement falls under the comfortable umbrella…especially when switching between full size desktop keyboards.

Not exactly sure what you mean there, is the FW KB currently in this category?

If it is then my edit above is too because all that is changed there is the top row, the right shift key and the arrow keys.


I see, desktop KB style cluster. Well like you said that is never happening on this size. There is however IMO space to make them present and usable.

Yeah…dreaming of a 15/16 inch Framework option. Most have a numpad, some has layout like the HP Omen 15.

Now, also, imagine if the keyboard is swappable from the input cover, like some Dell Precisions and Lenovo ThinkPads…thereby giving you two options; with numpad, or with the above layout. That would be a first in the laptop industy.

Currently, the 14 inch Framework laptop’s input cover is machined in such a way that the keyboard layout is part of the input cover. IMO, the relatively more ideal way to handle this (when we have 15/16 inch units) is to separate the keyboard layout machining, from the input cover machining.

Like this:

The other thing that seems to be missing on the current Framework laptop is the slanted numpad with numlock.


Just to jump on the keyboard raft, designed to be part of a 15" laptop

The site is in English :slight_smile: mais the video’s audio ce’st Francais


The sound test video hurts my eyes… #NotTypingRightAndSlow.

If you’re not typing right, but can type fast, that’s cool.

p.s. I’m not trying to demand anything here…just a wish list should Framework ever decide to have a 15/16 inch model.