Assigning programs to E- and P-Cores

Hi folks,
does anybody know which apps and programs can be assigned to intel’s e-cores only?
It’s possible to assign specific CPU cores in the task manager (see here)

I tried to find a list of suitable programs that are fine with e-cores (like MS calculator, maps, weather, …) but it’s hard to find one.
So what about Word, Excel and other MS Office products?
What about PuTTY, WireGuard, NordVPN, Filezilla, OneDrive and so on?
Just “normal” programs, no games or CAD programs.

Is there any noticeable performance or battery lifetime boost after assigning the programs only to the e-cores at all?

Anyone here with more knowledge?

You can manually assign programs to cores per the Task Manager, as you’ve found out, but in order to identify which cores are P cores and which are E cores you will need a tool like AIDA 64 which should show the efficiency cores with E-core after the core #.

You can’t specify permanently that Notepad always runs on E-cores, though. You can create a shortcut that will launch the process with a particular affinity, but it doesn’t alter the system binary so if the program is called from another these affinity settings won’t work.

I can’t say how much difference it will make, though - I am still on 11th gen so I haven’t had a chance to mess with P/E cores.

Man… why isn’t it permanently? Totally useless

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Most of these assignments whould happen on an OS level already afaik so i doubt there is much to be gained by manually pinning

Process Lasso.

I don’t think E-Cores are particularly efficient anyways…

They’re space efficient in terms of die-size but not necessarily better perf/watt than the P cores, and a P core would beat one in the race to sleep