Attn: New Framework Laptop Owners (Setup Issues)

Hello friends!

If you’ve recently received your Framework Laptop, congratulations! If you are in queue waiting for delivery, thank you for your patience, you’ll have yours soon!

We’re seeing a growing number of contacts into Framework Support where customers are not able to get their new shiny to power on after installing components on the DIY Edition. There are a number of reasons why this could be happening, but we’re seeing a trend of folks not seating their RAM properly which is leading to “no video” or “DOA” contacts. Please make sure you are seating your RAM modules properly. If you have and are still seeing issues, you can perform the “RAM Shuffle” which is removing both one or both sticks of RAM, placing one back in to one of the slots (Slot 0 first), and then powering on. If you still have an issue, take that same RAM module and move it to the other slot. Once you have everything working, you can power down and install both RAM modules. This has resolved a number of customer issues over the last few days.

The key is not to panic. Through some basic troubleshooting, nearly all issues can be resolved without new hardware entering the mix. Welcome to the DIY club! You can also read more about some additional troubleshooting HERE

We’re also seeing a number of customers purchase the DIY Edition that are not comfortable working on their laptops or troubleshooting alongside us. While we’ve tried to make the DIY process as painless as possible, there is still some basic technical knowledge required to get everything up and running smoothly. If you are uncomfortable opening up the laptop and replacing components, we highly recommend one of our “pre-built” Framework Laptops instead as we’ve confirmed the combination of hardware is compatible with one another, and verified it’s ready to power up on first boot.

Thank you for your continued support of Framework and our mission. We’re excited you’re along for the ride with us.


This is interesting. I was having severe WiFi issues until I removed and re-seated the WiFi module. Now it works like a champ.


Just ordered the DIY, very excited to get it in.

Does everything ship unassembled or are some parts installed already?

WiFi, SSD, and RAM need to be installed in the DIY version.


I had this happen (RAM not seated properly). I thought the design was foolproof, as long as it clicks in and clicks down, it’s seated. Guess I was more of a fool than the design allowed for. :slightly_smiling_face:


@Rupert_Woods Got it, thanks!

This is a great post. I think it should be pinned somewhere so people can find it more easily.

I had no issues, but I also have a little bit of experience installing PC components. For someone who hasn’t done it before, I think reading this post could boost their confidence quite a bit to try again, or to try a different method.

If anyone is having an issue, don’t give up! Many times it’s really a simple solution. :slight_smile: