Audio issues playing video

  • Windows 11 - 10.0.22621
  • 12th Gen Framework

I have an odd issue. Bluetooth and USB headphones are fine. If I unplug these and disconnect my echo or bluetooth headset, so the machine is solely relying on its speakers, it will not output any audio from a locally generated or downloaded file through VLC, nor will it play audio from video from a web browser.

If I go into System > Sound > Properties > Output Settings section and click “Test” I get the test sounds.

I have checked, the only speakers listed are the speakers I am testing and there are no other outputs listed, so the system is defaulting as far as I can tell to the standard “Speakers - High Definition Audio Device” which are using the drivers from 27-09-22 (10.0.22621.608)

Any ideas how I can get audio out of my laptop?

PEBKAC - was unaware that using the mixer in Windows 11 you can specifically mute applications. Have unmuted firefox and that’s working fine. Not sure about VLC but I updated it and it’s possible it had a mute but the updated version doesn’t. Something to bear in mind in the future.