Audio output on both jack and speakers

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I’ve found myself wanting to output to two different audio sources a few times before, in the past I normally find a software solution to this, atm thats helvum. But with my framework 13 I find that I try to use any of these solutions and my laptop is listed as only having one output. From what I can tell that output represents both the audio-jack and the speakers and plugging in a jack hijacks the speakers audio.

Is there anyway to alter this so that I can output from both? I know I could get a jack splitter and external speakers it would be much nicer if I could avoid making a whole physical setup for this. On that note could I buy another audio jack port and would that then act as a separate output?

My understanding is with the 13" the DAC is ‘on/attached to’ the main board and can feed the speakers which as you know can be rerouted to the jack.

The expansion cards however use their own DAC so you my well get 5 outputs with all expansion ports with an jack card including the fixed jack or speakers

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oh! thats exciting, thank you Ill give that some consideration

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