Audio via type-c to display's built-in speakers on Arch Linux

Can’t transfer sound to my Philips monitor’s built-in speakers via usb type-c cable which is used to transfer data and charge. On Fedora I’m able to select those display speakers but not in Arch. Please help

There a graphical utility for pipewire that lets you see at the sources and sinks known to pipewire, including those created but hidden by the older pulseaudio system. Might help you get the audio routed correctly.

Helvum — GTK-based patchbay for pipewire, inspired by the JACK tool catia.

In Arch repo / AUR as just helvum …

if you have pulseaudio or pipewire-pulse installed, try this:

Hi Moelf, I’m using it but able only to select the built-in speakers and headphones in the drop-down list, that’s it. No type-c Philips display’s speakers as I may select in Fedoras sound section.

In Pavucontrol there’s a Configuration tab which was non-visible due to the small Display size. So if to go there and select HDMI/Display port (plugged in) profile in there, the Display speakers start working receiving the sound signal via type-c cable, becoming available in the Output devices drop down list.

pavucontrol profiles did not help for me, including adding a new one. My HDMI TV remained silent but this helped (in Manjaro xfce4)

pactl set-card-profile 0 output:hdmi-stereo
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Thank you