Background videos in web pages not playing on Framework


Second weird bug: when using my Framework laptop, background videos on web pages do not display. Instead, the preview picture is shown.
(Specifically, this web page: Going abroad • University of Passau - where there is a background video under the “Initial Consultations” heading.)

This happens in every browser, with or without using Citrix virtual desktop environment. However, on my previous laptop and all my colleagues’ desktop screens, this problem does not occur. (The background video does not work on mobile screens, but it should work on Windows desktop displays).

I tried changing settings related to touch (having read somewhere that background videos don’t play on touchscreens), but this has not fixed the problem.

Thanks in advance for any tips!

Is this not related to browser settings and script blocking?

When I load that page on my Framework I first get a big NoScript blocked image. When I allow scripts, the background video plays as it should.

This does not seem to be a hardware problem, only software. Are you blocking scripts?

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No, I’m not blocking scripts, nor am I using “strict” browser settings.
It may well be a software setting, but I find it confusing that it affects all browsers. If it’s a Windows setting, I’d love to know which one, so I can change it.