Backup utility for BIOS settings?

So, does Framework BIOS have backup utility for settings?


Not if the RTC battery goes. Iā€™m now on my third battery in over a year.

How many settings you changing from stock BIOS settings?

I only set the battery charge limit and thats about it. Maybe switch off the turbo boost. Thats it.

For the most part, firmware settings are stored in flash and are not lost when either the main or the RTC battery is removed.

The InsydeH2O UEFI stores variables in non-volatile storage as is in-spec for UEFI 2. :smile:


I suddenly thought of a random idea.

I wonder if Framework future mainboards can include a dual BIOS switch or something.

It would be more for in case of bricking so at least you can recover from it.

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Same here, just the battery setting, the rest is default.