Bad cable?

My boss bought me a framework laptop (my suggestion) and so far it has been great. Just noticed today (2 months 26 days after initial setup) my charger cable is split open like a banana peel.

Is this something I did? I don’t remember ever smashing the cable or anything like that. I’ve only ever used it at my desk and it’s only had one trip to a hotel where it also sat on a desk.

If they have bad cables, should I warranty it or go somewhere else? Kind of crap that they charge you extra (not just included in the price) for the charger and then give me junk cables with it.

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You should contact support. They should replace it for you.

It’s not really charging extra, it’s just breaking it out as an option. Some people already have suitable USB-C chargers, since they are used for many laptops these days. If Framework just included it, and it wasn’t optional, then the price of the laptop would have to be higher. While some of the cables have an issue, the charger is quality and not cheap. Someone made a video of the charger being disassembled and analyzed piece by piece

I have chargers from Apple, Anker, Samsung, and Framework.
I have suitable cables from them as well.

My Framework is a batch 1, 11th gen.

My Framework cable has not split.

Chargers below 25 watts, are not really useful for the Framework, if you are actually using the computer. They will charge when off.

The MacBook Air charger, at 30 watts, keeps up nicely.
The Anker’s are dual voltage, 30/65 and both work well.
Samsung’s 45 watt works well.

I am mostly using cloth wrapped cables for my USB-C devices, but I didn’t have a problem with the Framework Charger or cable, which my daughter uses a lot to charge her MacBook Air.

Your cable is well within the warranty period, so contact support for a replacement. These other choices will work as well.

I’ve had the same issue with 2 of my cables!

I had the same problem happen to me however since. I just picked up another one from the marketplace. I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt once. If it should happen again, I’ll go with another brand. I thought it strange because mine was just wrapped up for a long period of time while my FW was shelved. Then when I went to use it, I saw the plastic had split. I was thinking maybe the plastic was stretched(stressed) too much and that is what caused it. Personally I love braided cables (my MacBook Pro cable is the best).