Balanced vs. Performance Modes, Benchmarked on Windows

For a preface, I am dual booting Ubuntu and Windows. I just got the Windows half set up and ran my go-to benchmarking software, Passmark. I was surprised at how much of a difference there was between balanced and “best performance” power modes.

Balanced Power Mode:

Best Performance power mode:

I have a DIY edition, 12th gen 1260p, 32GB (2x16) of GSkill memory, and a 2TB Samsung 980 pro SSD.

I have switched to the framework from my Ryzen 7 3700x tower PC. It blows me away that this little laptop processor gets close to the same CPU performance as the Ryzen 7.(I think the Ryzen in my other setup got somewhere in the 22k-23k range iirc) The graphics department is obv much poorer on the framework. But I hope to run an eGPU setup in the future for when I’m at my desk.

I haven’t run this benchmark in Ubuntu yet, but I am curious how it compares to the windows results.

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