Barebones style DIY kit?

Will there be an option for a barebones style DIY kit? So basically just the MoBo/Case/LCD/KB and then we provide the RAM/SSDs? Asking because it usually keeps costs down a fair bit, and some people might have their own preferences in terms of RAM and Drive providers. I’m cool either way, but preferably this is the cheapest way to go (assuming I have some spare RAM setting around).


@PixelPaintbrush Yup! DRAM, SSD, and OS will all be optional selections in the DIY Edition configuration for this exact reason. :slight_smile:


Thanks! Finally somebody doing this :wink:


That is amazing. That would allow me to use the drives I have in the machines I have. It would just require a reregistration.

Thank You finally I only have to buy what I want and not unnecessary parts.

@Andrew_Spence A fine plan. I’m not sure what kind of “drives you have”, but just to be clear (sorry if you already know this), it’s pretty clear from the web site that there is no provision for 2.5" hard-drive format drives inside the laptop, only one NVME 2280 SSD drive. That’s in the interest of thinness, light weight, battery runtime, etc. If you have info on a hard drive or 2.5" SSD, you could either copy it onto the NVME SSD, or use it in an external cabinet via the USB-C expansion card.

@Ian_Darwin Apparently I missed that. I have one system running on NVME SSD now so would just need 2 partition drive to add extra OS’s to boot to.