Battery charge limit in BIOS no longer honored

Up until yesterday, my framework laptop honored the 50% charge limit I had set in BIOS. Mysteriously it stopped doing so yesterday and charged to 100%. It keeps doing that.

I double-checked BIOS settings and everything is intact, set to 50%.

What gives?

Thanks for your help!

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First I wonder what you have 11 or 12 gen?

Then of course what BIOS do you have.

If you have 11th gen and BIOS 3.10 allow the laptop to drop below 50%. In an earlier BIOS, 3.07, once the voltage rises above the threshold it is not a limiting parameter any more.

The actual voltage when you were using it before switching off may have been set by the 50% but then after switching off the voltage may rise a little, maybe only 0.1V but that may put it beyond the value set for 50%.

Happened to me a few times already…and I don’t know the cause either…

Did you update the BIOS? I had to reset my battery limit, and my boot wait time.

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OP stated, explicitly.

Wonder if it’s related to this issue submitted to Git:


Did they, I don’t see it ???