Battery charging thresholt



I am a laptop user who often leaves his laptop connected to the power adapter. Which is not good. Is it possible to block loading and make it dependent on an adjustable threshold? For example, a threshold value of 50% means that the battery will not be charged until this capacity falls below 50%. In that case it will charge to the set charge limit or 100%

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The only threshold setting in current BIOS is a maximum charge.
There are no advanced possibilities, such as a minimum to start charging, or something like you describe.

I use a smart plug and home assistant to do this for my phone. It is much more work than a BIOS setting though.

There are also a few other ways to do it. Depending on your phone, you don’t need a smartplug.

  1. If you have a root-able android, there are apps to control the charge limit.
    AccA has many configuration options, additional limits by battery temperature, current / amperage limits, max voltage limit, schedules so you can be 100% charged just before you wake up in the morning but limited before that. But the BCL app is easier to install, that’s what I’d start with tbh.
  1. Google Pixel and Samsung have built-in charge limit options, though they are much more limited than the root options.
  2. sells a plug-in usb dongle that can control and limit charging for any usb device.

I’ve been using the root apps on all my devices for over 6 years.