Battery health decresing

So I two days ago I got the framework13 ryzen 7 and when I got it the battery health was at 102% and now after those two days it’s at 93% and i would like to reduce this I understand I can buy and new battery and replace it but I can do that every couple of weeks. Just asking for some help I have been playing games on it and while playing games the battery does go down even when plugged in do you have any advice or is there a windows thing I can install or something

Keep in mind that measurements might not be 100% accurate (see how it was showing 102% health). How you are measuring this and how much data has been gathered impacts results a lot. To keep the battery as healthy as possible, the usual suggestion is to keep it above 20% and to charge as little as possible over 80%.


These metrics can be inaccurate. The best way to determine wear is to fully discharge the battery then recharge it to recalibrate the battery. In the another thread on battery health, people often reported that it would fluctuate over time.

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Im using battery info viewer to measure that data and I did see the battery go up about an hour after I posted it went from 92.2 to 92.8 when I took it off the charger it started going up.

I just opened it today, and its at 98%, so I think its fluctuating.