Below 5 FPS video playback on Fedora 35


I’m happily using F35 on my Framework laptop, but have just noticed that video playback is dreadful. Anything in Firefox and Chrome plays back at about 5FPS (at best), and I also get the same when I use mpv to play back some movies.

I haven’t tried much yet, mostly because I can’t find any up to date advice on what to do. I’ve installed RPM Fusion and ffmpeg-libs, but that hasn’t changed anything. I’m running KDE Plasma under X11.

Any ideas?

Ok, it seems this problem only happens under X11 - video playback is buttery smooth under Wayland!

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That is bizarre.

I’ve been running Firefox and Microsoft Edge for video playback, and have been enjoying the smoothest video experience on any of my devices at full 1080p or higher on YouTube. And I’ve been on KDE Plasma under X11 (Kubuntu 21.10).

Wayland may be more GPU intensive than CPU intensive. X11 code may be more CPU intensive.

Do you have TLP installed, or auto-cpufreq to check the core clocks? Only time I’ve had similar issues was when I misconfigured TLP and had my CPU locked to 0.39 GHz.

sudo auto-cpufreq --monitor

sudo tlp-stat --processor

Could it be the same issue as here CPU gets stuck at 0.2 GHz where the CPU gets downclocked for some reason?

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