Besides user-based Repairs, any other goals?

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I already love the idea of the Laptop, but I just wanted to share my thoughts with you :D.

If you look at other user-repariable Products, like the fairphone 4 (also see the LTT video on this) or the Shiftphone (German Company, wirh the same Idea), they focus beside repariablity also on sozial and envoirmental improvments.

Fairphone tries to use fair-trade ressources, like fair-trade gold, and shiftphone has its own fabric in China, in wich everyone gets payed equaly (and good) and even the founder/ owners of the company just get just a normal payment.

Are there any ethical standards, any goals towards a more responsabil behavior? Is as a regular comapny aiming for money for their owners or do they focus on the people that build the PC or the envoirment?

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PS: Please excuse me, if i may use weird words, not my first langue.

I am not on the team - however certain design decisions they have mentioned in past threads have definitely pointed in the direction that they care enough about environmental impacts to have made certain decisions as a consequence of their potential waste. For example, they are using 50% recycled aluminium, have a raw un-anodized chassis due to environmental impacts of the process, and same with electing to not paint the exterior of the laptop. I believe part of the reason for not accepting cryptocurrencies is also tied to the environmental problems linked to crypto power consumption. Those are just the ones I remember right now, they may have mentioned others.


Yup. A single crypto transaction is worst for the environment than manufacturing one Framework laptop.

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There whole goal is to help people use their products for as long as possible. That is the #1 way to reduce waste and help curb pollution. So yeah being repairable and upgradable are all sides of the same token.

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This ^. I dunno why people does not understand (and have dislikes everywhere about negative points of crypto), the 120TWh power consumption, 2.5x than the FAANGM companies combined usage.

Ethereum proof of stake might be more efficient, but still cannot deny the toxicity to the environment. Also its not very decentralized 50% is owned by the top 3 companies mining that, which may led to uncertain behavior if combined.

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