Best external trackpad?

Hello, everyone! I’ve been using my Framework for about 6 months as a regular laptop and have been loving it, but my neck and shoulders are really starting to kill me, so I’d like to transfer it to my standing desk and hook it up to an external monitor, keyboard, and use an external trackpad as a mouse (I have carpel tunnel, so a normal mouse doesn’t work for me, plus I’m a heavy Photoshop/Illustrator user).

I have Windows 11 and know there’s some compatibility issues with a lot of external trackpads, but I just found this tutorial specifically for the Apple Magic Trackpad 2, which seems legit, but I don’t want to spend a bunch of money only to find out it doesn’t work:

I have two questions:

  1. Has anyone successfully been able to use an external trackpad with Windows 11 on their Framework?
  2. If someone does have an Apple Magic Trackpad 2 and Windows 11, can you verify that tutorial is sound (or provide some other way that you’ve gotten your trackpad to work with your laptop)?

Thank you!

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Not sure where you live, but in most countries where Apple has its own retail stores, you have 2 weeks to change your mind and return a product for full refund (even if used). I have successfully taken advantage of this to try out every iPhone since iPhone 8 in addition to numerous other accessories.

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Oh, I didn’t realize that! I’ll try it out and report back with my findings. Thanks!

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So, I just went to the nearest Apple store and purchased a Magic Trackpad. Came home, followed the instructions to install the driver, and am able to use it with no issues. Looks like I’ll be keeping it!


Yeah, when it comes to trackpad expereience, the Magic Trackpad 2 is the one to get.
Just like if someone wants a productivity mouse, it would be the MX Master 3s.

Some peripherals are just sooo good in their own space that there’s no competition.


I don’t know. My friends’ unit have connectivity issues.
I currently use a G502 Wireless (a “hand-me-down” from my friend) and I think it’s pretty good. Remappable buttons and everything.
I believe logitech also have some wireless touchpad products, although they are probably not to your liking.
I very much dislike gestures. I draw my line at “drag two finger across to scroll/pan”.

Just because a feature is there, doesn’t mean you have to use it.

p.s. And I mean the MX Master 3s …not the 3.

I don’t know about you but I have a strong interest to trackballs.
It’s like the hybid of a trackpad and a ball mouse. I don’t know if it’s better (or not).
I am making one on my own.
Trackpad is … I think it’s still much more worse than a mouse in terms of precision. But also I have not used a trackball in, well, basically forever.

LoL…going down memory lane. Compaq and Logitech had a go at that back in the 80s (IIRC). The ThinkPad 220 (not the X220) had it too:

And of course, Apple had a go at it as well with their PowerBook.


I have a DIY version of Framework 13 (12th gen i7-1280P) using POP!_OS 22.04. I was able to get the Apple Magic Trackpad which even shows the battery percentage. I have gotten my Air Pod Pro (first and second gen USB Lightning cable) to connect without any issues.

I am hoping to find a good external fingerprint sensor to use with my Framework 11th gen mainboard and the cooler master mainboard case.