Better back cover needed

ive been experiencing temperatures of around 90-100 degree and has also crashed a couple times. Im using the amd version ryzen 5 7040 series Ill repaste the cpu with some better compound but thats issue wasnt with this processor. i think one of the main problems is that the back cover doesnt have enough holes. i mainly use my laptop in bed and when its placed on my stomach or on a cushion it covers most of the holes and limits airflow. also the fan needs a better way of cleaning it so i dont need to repaste the heat sink when taking out the fan.

I made a plate to rest on. Link appended

However, if the air is drawn in from the bottom, it doesn’t make sense to block it with a cushion or your body.

That’s the design. I understand you have time upon receipt to say you don’t like the design and return for a full refund. So how long have you had the laptop and how long did it take to discover the air intake was at the bottom.

It’s not the back cover that is the problem.


Put a thin rigid sheet (plywood, plastic, hard cardboard) between cushion and laptop. Of course, there are expensive solutions that do the same…

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I use a hard cover coffee-table book to rest the laptop on when in bed. If I need some more airflow at a desk, I wedge a pen or marker underneath up against the back rubber “foot”. It works pretty well for more airflow and is a very portable solution. It’s a lot more practical to carry around a sharpie marker than a dedicated laptop stand… at least for me.

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These are great for this use case and fold flat for storage. Even have a tablet prop up slot with charging hole. don’t know how well the framework fits on it as haven’t ordered one yet, but my elitebook fits nicely.

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i did similar with an old cell phone case and an HP G8 laptop that flat on a desk had poor airflow so prop up the back a bit

The JSAUX RGB Dock works well with the FW13 and it’s Steamdeck kickout is perfect for cantilevering the laptop off and the FW13 is lite enough that it doesn’t cause it to tip over.