Better quality/rear facing internal microphone

I end up using the audio recording feature in OneNote pretty extensively as a student, and I’m wondering what would be required to put in a better quality internal microphone, that also faces rearward rather than toward the user.

This sounds strange but for my purposes, when I’m recording audio for a lecture or meeting setting, my laptop is often facing away from the speaker.

This new microphone module would go inside a new 3d printed chassis for the framework mainboard so that concern can easily be addressed.

I suppose it might be handy to have two microphones that you could switch between if you were to say want to join a Zoom call or Teams meeting where you needed to speak.

From what I know the microphone is located on the webcam module, however I don’t see any pinouts for the webcam module on github although I probably haven’t looked hard enough.

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Perhaps you could design an oversized expansion card with a backwards-facing microphone? Because redesigning the top cover and webcam module seems like the hardest possible solution to this problem.

I understand wanting schematics, though. There’s a lot of cool things that could be done with that, in theory.

One could also reverse the webcam module as-is, if you’re already going to redesign the top cover. You might need to get a longer ribbon cable, but it should be much easier to get that fabbed than a webcam module.

This would be part of a larger project that I mentioned here: Options for a stylus capable display for a tablet build?

I’m basically enquiring about each element of the project separately as getting proper attention for each feature is a bit difficult on this board.

An oversized expansion card is basically what I have now in the form of a USB microphone for my current laptop, it’s not an ideal solution and I imagine your suggestion would have it be even bulkier. The problem with using this microphone with it being located on the base of the laptop rather than the lid is that it picks up your keystrokes like crazy and as a result, doesn’t pick up the speaker in the room as loudly as you might like. At times I cannot understand what is being said because I’m typing at the same time as recording audio, and I need to be doing both to keep the audio stream in sync with what I’m picking up from the lecture as it’s happening, as well as a backup in case the software fails to record (which it has numerous times).

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Oh, that’s a great point. Didn’t think of that, my bad.