Bezel on the 13th Gen

I am super confused. Does the custom version by default - without choosing any bezel - come without a bezel at all?

I think the following option could be more clear on that.

I mean, the bezel is included in the price that is shown “starting at $xxx” so why wouldn’t you select a bezel? I imagine that if you try to proceed without choosing a bezel, it’ll error out and prompt you to select one before the configuration can proceed.

Is that right? According to the screen they all have a price and I’ve just tried a DIY and added a bezel and it costs as expected given the screen shot.

So I think it is clear, you have to select a bezel as you would RAM and expansion cards.

When there was only black then yes, included it would be. :slight_smile:

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Thats highly confusing (and expensive)

@amoun Yep, that’s what @TheTwistgibber said. You can add up the costs yourself to check.

You can’t even proceed past the configuration page if you don’t select a bezel, it is required. The cost includes the bezel as you can’t get to checkout without one selected. You will receive an error if you attempt to skip it.



@TheTwistgibber That’s what I figured would happen.

I don’t see it as confusing although unusual, sure people expect to pay for a selection of RAM but who offers bezels at different prices. If they were all the same price then it would just be a selection as in keyboard language, but it’s not.

As for expensive well it may seem so and no doubt cheaper if you buy the pre-build as there is less for the pickers and packers to do etc.

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I would just like a prebuild without Windows :roll_eyes:

What config are you wanting, is there a pre-build that you want (without win)?

Yeah, the basic config of the 16 inch :smiley:

If you want a prebuilt without Windows you could always just buy a prebuilt and nuke the Windows drive from your chosen Linux live usb the day you get it, but the savings and guided nature of the DIY process don’t really make financial sense to for me. Best of luck!


I would pay for Windows this way, which is both financially and ethically not an option, personally.

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