BIOS 3.07: LED lights when charged to <100% limit

Thank you very much for producing the Framework laptop. I’m very happy running it with Fedora 35, and as far as I know, everything is working well. Thank you very much for including a battery charge limit in BIOS 3.07 as well: this was the main thing I was missing.

I observed that when the laptop is plugged in and the battery is charged to the set level (80% in my case), the side LED will sometimes (often? always?) flash orange. That looks like it might be an unintentional mode: Both the red/orange colour and the flashing indicate a state that requires attention, whereas as far as I can tell, it’s actually just “fully charged to limit, but that limit is less than 100%”. Am I correct in my analysis? Would you consider changing this behaviour in a future BIOS update?

Another thing I noticed while following the instructions on Framework Laptop BIOS and Driver Releases

  • the BIOS upgrade worked well, but afterwards, the GRUB boot menu would not come up.
  • The page links to a general page about (re)installing grub on EFI
  • however, that was not the problem: in the F2-accessible BIOS menus, under “boot”, the EFI boot order had reverted to “AUTO”, which prefers a defunct Windows boot manager. Changing the boot order from “AUTO” allowed me to deselect the Windows boot manager, which meant that GRUB reverted to being the default (which has picked up an entry for the defunct Windows boot manager anyway)
    It may be helpful to other users to include a tip to check the configured boot order.