Side LED blinking amber / red when fully charged, no charge limit set

Hi all,

I just got my framework and so far, the experience has been great! I recently noticed that when the laptop is being charged and reaches 100% state of charge, the side LED where the charging cable is connected turns white (like you expect), but after a short period with the charger cable still connected the white LED turns to blinking amber / red and stays like that until I unplug.

I have read on the forum that some people experienced this (BIOS 3.07: LED lights when charged to <100% limit) and that it is normal when you set a charge limit in the BIOS, but I personally did not set a charge limit. I just checked the BIOS and mine is still set at 100%.

Does anyone know if this is normal and/or has had similar experiences, even when not setting a charge limit? Thanks in advance!

Software and hardware versions:
Batch 10 DIY edition
Bios 3.07
Linux 22.04 LTS


Framework replied that this is a known issue and is fixed in the next firmware release: Side LED blinking amber / red when fully charged, no charge limit set - #6 by DHowett

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I don’t think it is ‘normal’. What charger do you use?

I’ve noticed the same thing with my DIY Framework Laptop, and I also wonder if it’s normal. I use Windows 11 Pro and a 3rd party charger by SlimQ.

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Hello, this is normal. For my system, when it’s solid white the OS reports “plugged in but not charging”, and blinks orange when the OS reports “fully charged”, so I assume white is “Yeah we’re basically fully charged” but blinking orange is “Actually fully charged, running off of AC power now.” in a no charge limit scenario.

I may be wrong, but it’s normal from what I can tell.

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Can confirm this also happens with my laptop. Presumably it’s a firmware bug or a rounding error, because it blinks orange about 80% of the time when fully charged (despite no charge level restriction) and solid white the other 20%. Not a big deal but do agree that it would be nice for it to stick to one or the other.

You’ll be happy to know that this has already been fixed in the embedded controller firmware (commit) and it’ll be out with the next firmware update.


Thanks for the quick replies all! @amoun I am using the included EU framework charger.

@DHowett Great to see that this is already fixed! Do you know if the updates is staged for BIOS release 3.08 or later? Thanks!

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There’s a build of 3.08 floating around that does have this fix. I’m comfortable saying that “it will be available in the next update Framework Computer releases.” :slight_smile:

If any of us live long enough :rofl: