BIOS 3.09 to replace Incomplete BIOS 3.08

I turned off my laptop (after charging it to 96%) and put it in my bag about 4.5 hours ago, I just pulled it out and turned it on and it’s still at 96%… I know that isn’t that long but it’s a good sign yes?


Hmm, sad that they still haven’t finished 21 days later. Hopefully you all manage to find some firmware engineers soon! :slight_smile: I noticed you were looking for them.

If waiting on patches from Insyde is the only thing holding up release of 3.08 (no showstopping bugs), then I agree with releasing it now and putting out 3.09 whenever Insyde turns the code outside!

Or is the deleting boot entries problem still persisting in 3.08?

Where’s my full on, official, 3.08


This is just too much to bear. I’ll just drink myself to obivion and try to delete what expectations remain.

I’m too old for this tension, I rather not know there is a future that could be better than the present. And time flies when you are old but not fast enough.

Who are these ‘Insyde’ people that I should go begging to. That’s rhetorical I don’t really want all the hassle of contacting them and thinking I’m helping.

Just have to find a good book to live in, or at least find a book. Do books exist anymore?


This is their address: 16F., No.120, Sec.2, Jianguo N. Rd., Zhongshan District. Taipei, Taiwan, R. O. C.
Feel free to send them my best wishes as well.

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I have a fondness for Taiwan, maybe a very polite request for an update, along with praise for their stand on independence and acknowleding them as the Repiblic of China :slight_smile:


Still no news on this from Framework, nor Insyde?


Yeah, how about throwing us a bone, guys! I mean, months after a beta version leaks not even a word about when we might expect this? Or if things aren’t going well how about just an explanation about what’s going on?


One problem of feeding the hungry, they want more.



Wait, no. News = good, good = sated, sate = not want more. At least for reasonable people that is!


There’s nothing wrong withme. I have this insatiable desire to not be a consumer and I find it so difficult I keep taking a break to eat and drink.

Please do not feed me.

3.08 is just a dream of the future, another distraction from now.
Like the sunrise what will be will come around when it’s due, perfectly on time. Some people are afarid of the dark, as if there really is such a thing.

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This is quite something… The CVEs were released publicly more than 3 months ago…and still no fixes. If this were Lenovo, Dell, or HP… certain environment would have failed these devices security audit.

(i.e. Conceptually, there’s this subjective time period where you’re still ‘ok’ with know CVE exposure…but the more time passes, the more likely that you’re exposed)


Chocolate ~ I could eat it, well as long as it’s Vegan, Fairtrade and Organic and of course available. Out of date I don’t mind. :slight_smile:

This is a good point. If the reason the BIOS release is delayed is because they need to usher in a patch for a security vulnerability, it would seem like there should be more of a sense of urgency to getting the update finalized.

The fact that the rest of the code is sitting around more or less finished but we’re waiting on an “urgent” security patch that is for some reason taking months…well, I just feel like I must be missing something… :thinking:

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From bad RAM module , to a bad motherboard and now what is essentially a new version of the DIY laptop I bought batch 2 all using Windows 10.

I have gone from 3.02 originally to the replacement motherboard which is 3.0. I have held off on all the BIOS updates as I saw the various problems with all the incremental updates in the hope that some day a 3.08 would go legal. As everyone here as said, 3 months and counting.

It has been an interesting experiment, buying this Framework laptop.

I have to agree with the sentiments here, new features/fixes are great to have but security vulnerabilities are a far higher priority and 3 months is too long.

This needs to be addressed.


Just upgrade to 3.07 lol, it’s basically completely stable.

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Yup, definetly. Although I can’t bring myself to blame Framework considering Insyde is the one making it take so long.