Driver updates and Windows Update

I remember once reading that Framework laptop BIOS and drivers updates would at some point be delivered through Windows Update. Is this already happening and I just haven’t noticed it? If not, is this still on the roadmap? If I want to keep updated on BIOS and driver updates, is monitoring this page and the forum still my best bet?

I have only seen a couple of Intel drivers update via Windows Update but since I already had the last Beta Bios installed I wouldn’t see anything like that show :stuck_out_tongue:

Good question though… when 3.07 is released I wonder if we will have to grab from a link since it will probably be another beta or will Windows update show it?

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any updates on this one? It’s of interest as I’m thinking of maybe making framework laptops the default user system for my company, and i really need to be able to admin fw etc remotely