BIOS 3.09 to replace Incomplete BIOS 3.08

Looks like little difference between Active and Standby.

However if you mean sleep and all the same apps are running that’s not surprising as it may only switch the screen off and in my case with the screen low that is hardly significant.

What did you use to get that read out. I’ll give mine a try in standby?

That looks like the sleep study that you can use powercfg to attain:

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OK ??!! All a way bit off topic still using 3.07 I can’t see what 3.08 can offer.

Just used the powercfg /SleepStudy and am overwhelmed by the amount of info. That’s the bad news as there’s no way I’m going to get my head around even 10% of it.

The good news is, not that I am a believer, but after four months and using a min of 2 to 3 hours a day, more likely 4 to 5 and sometimes 6plus I have

Capacity Ratio 94
Cycle Count 0

Have only once done a discharge to switch off followed by 100% charge.

After the first two months I usually use when plugged in at 78% battery setting

Update: I had the opportunity to not use my laptop for 5 whole days (it was tough but I did it)… I put it in my backpack at 65% battery with BIOS 3.08 installed. After the five days i pulled it out of my bag and turned it on… still says 65% battery, running Windows 11 as primary OS. QAPLA!


Ok I’d better get that 3.08

However the other problem was the RTC that seems to ‘fail’ in a week or two

We’re now on the “The engineering team at our manufacturing partner and our internal engineering team integrate the upstream fix with our Framework Laptop-specific BIOS.” and “Our manufacturing partner and internal team validate the BIOS.” steps. Since there are changes from 3.08, this will formally be released as 3.09.


Yay, moving forward!

Any chance we can know what fixes are upcoming / included? A release note preview?

Absolutely great to hear! :smiley: Sorry to be that person, but is there a ETA timeframe of arrival? If there isn’t that’s completely fine, it’s just a nice-to-know. :slight_smile:


And … any chance it will be rolled out through fwupd as well? The boot-from-USB procedure for 3.07 was sort-of OK, but the fact it messed up to BIOS boot preferences was less than ideal. Firmware updates through fwupd for Dell XPS-13 were an absolute delight.


So far I still only have hit or miss trackpad issues. 3.08 has fixed almost everything for me outside of that. in fact I can now idle for about 13 hours under Arch. normal usage 6 to 10 hours depending on what I am doing. So its pretty close to what I expect. I am starting to think my main board or track-pad are defective though. shrugs at least I can easily fix a mechanical issue. Hope the firmware and stuff goes open too so the community can help and spot check that side too.

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Finally a big step forward! Congrats! Releasing the firmware as 3.09 is the right choice rather than overriding the 3.08, as some people already use the 3.08.


Apologies for the slowness on this. The 3.09 BIOS itself is prepped, and we’re staging the download and release notes.


Awesome! Can’t wait to give it a spin!

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(Hitting refresh frantically on the BIOS upgrade page)


Available here now: BIOS 3.09 Beta release


@nrp do you have any estimation of how long 3.09 will remain classed as Beta?

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Likely quite awhile…because technically, even 3.07 from last December was a beta…all this time.

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You can watch the Knowledge Base - BIOS releases page below. Technically the 3.07 Windows version is not labeled as beta anymore. The Linux version is still beta. There is no 3.09 on the page yet.

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That’s good to know…

But, on track? What track? Is there a 3.10 coming in a couple of weeks? Why is there this foreseeable couple of weeks? Something to do with the release of the 12th gen mainboard? Some kind of a unified BIOS (is that even possible)?