BIOS and drivers

The new guides are great! Will you be doing one on the BIOS options? What function key will be used to access the BIOS?

Also, a couple of months ago there was a post by Kieran saying that, if additional Windows 10 drivers are needed, they will be posted on the website. Do you know now whether there will be any drivers needed that will not already be in Windows Update?


A deep dive into BIOS/firmware would definitely be a nice thing to see while we’re on the home stretch.


Yes we will be releasing guides for the bios, updating firmware, installing drivers, and also installing windows on the DIY system.
You can enter the bios with F2.
You can select a 1 time boot override using F12.
For the AMT sku, you can enter AMT setup with F10.


That’s great!
My current laptop is not able to 1 time boot with F12, I have to change it ever single time in the bios (to the best of my knowledge).

@Kieran_Levin I’m super curious now… what’s AMT?

I guess that’s Intel Active Management Technology. From a quick look at Wikipedia, that’s way beyond me.

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@gjason AMT is Intel’s Active Management Technology which is only on the Professional version.

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I’d like to see a link to the bios and drivers moved to a more prominent position on the website. I did a fresh windows install, and the fastest way to get the link to the drivers (with a barely functioning touchpad) was to get to the knowledge base and do a search for drivers. It really should be as easy as going to, clicking the support tab, and seeing a link right there to BIOS and drivers.