BIOS install missing

Gen: 12th Gen Intel(R) Core™ i5-1240P
OS: Win11 home 23H2
Bios Mode: UEFI

Issue: Support page has no BIOS to install. Driver bundle includes everything but BIOS.

Background: I DIY my laptop to a dual booting machine, running both Ubuntu and Win11. When I upgrade to a 13th gen framework, I gave my 12th gen to my GF, and removed the Ubuntu partition. I noticed there was no BIOS available for the 12th Gen’s on the FAQ page, which isn’t the end of the world - so I’ve cleaned up the boot sequence to boot directly to Win11 (and completely removed any reference to Ubuntu). However, she complains that sometimes when powering up the 12th Gen, it gives her an error message in the BIOS screen. It isn’t every time - it happens occasionally and unpredictably. I believe the issue is if I could restore the BIOS to their original config, before changes, it would resolve the error prompt. I see the recommendation is to use BIOS v3.04, however I am unable to locate those BIOS on the FAQ page.

Ask: Has anyone experienced this, and what did you do to resolve it? Is there a way to reflash the BIOS for the 12th gen? Can I use the 11th gen BIOS for example? Where can I locate v3.04?

The BIOS version that comes from the factory (3.04 or 3.05 for some people) is the latest “official” version. You can install the 3.06 Beta BIOS update if you choose to do so from this link: 12th Gen Intel Core BIOS 3.06 Beta

There’s an option in the BIOS to reset all values to default.

BIOS updates are gen specific. DO NOT try to install a BIOS update that isn’t intended for your device.

There is no way to obtain an original copy of the BIOS. You can either reset the BIOS (which will likely solve the issues you’re having) or update to the 3.06 BETA.

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I have done that, which is what made me wonder if that was enough. I will see if she still complains about the error again. If I catch the error message, I’ll share here.

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