Blinking Amber Light (battery set to 100% charge limit)

Been doing some digging around on the forum but so far I haven’t found an answer to this, and it appears nothing is wrong but I still want to be sure.

My Framework has been amazing so far, however when plugged in sometimes the amber light blinks when it’s fully charged and other times it turns white like it should. It seems to change depending on what charger I am using which is a bit odd. If I use my 30w charger it will go to 100% and then go solid white like it should, but using both my 65w charger and my 85w dock it will just blink Amber instead.

I’m assuming this is some sort of trickle charging and is maybe indicative of it being on/not in sleep or something, but I closed the machine to put it to sleep last night and plugged it into the 65w and it was blinking amber and slightly warm in the morning as if it never went to sleep or something. (when I say slight I do mean slight, nothing of concern at all and the fan wasn’t on or anything like that).

Any ideas here? The only info I’ve found is if you set the battery charge to lower than 100% in the BIOS it’ll do this, but mine is at 100%.

Not sure of what you have going on. I have the battery set to 90% max.

The red/amber lights on the sides, between the expansion bays > Depending upon which side I am using for charging that one will come on.

It will be solid until it reaches whatever setting I have, currently 90% and will then blink. This is with the laptop off.

If the laptop is on and depending upon how much power is being used the light may go back to charging (full on)

I have never seen a white light except for the power button, and I’m sure someone said that can change colour.

So I’m a bit bemused ?

Thanks for the info here!

From what I know the solid white light means it’s fully charged but that will only happen on the current firmware if you have it set to 100% capacity.

Hopefully someone here has a clue as to what is going on, I’m guessing it’s just going from charging to not charging or something, I’ll see what happens with the machine fully off rather than in sleep mode.

OK Have set charge to 100% to see if I get a white light :slight_smile:

OK the battery is now at 92% and the light is solid.

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With or without a charge limit set, solid amber means charging.

With a charge limit set, blinking amber means charge limit reached, would charge but charge limit reached.

With or without a charge limit set, white means 100% charged.

No charge limit set is an edge case when you get to 100%. It should display white, but it has reached a “charge limit” of 100%, so it might blink amber. It’s weird that it will display white when being charged off a lower power charger and not a higher power charger though.

Is the battery correctly at 100% in either case? Are you having any other problems?

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OK at 99% it has gone a solid whitish green :slight_smile: This is with the laptop on, so I can see the battery state.

OK reached 100% and no change.

Switching off, no change.

Unplugging and plugging back in. No change still OK ‘white’

Thanks for the heads up.

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@Fraoch Nothing weird is going on with it, it is for sure getting to 100% charge and the battery is for sure working fine. right now I’m using it with an 85w dock and it’s at 100% charge and powered on and it’s blinking amber. I’m guessing it’s some kind of bug or something. Maybe the new firmware that changes this behavior will fix it. Since the laptop is otherwise working perfectly I’m not going to worry about it, was just curious what it might mean.


Correct on both counts! This has been fixed in a commit to the EC firmware repository, but that fix has not yet been released in a firmware image.

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Correct on both counts! This has been fixed in a commit to the EC firmware repository, but that fix has not yet been released in a firmware image.

OK good to know, I thought this commit was just to fix the issue when you have the battery charge limit below 100%, which I don’t and it’s still doing it but only sometimes. Either way, seems to be a non issue so I’m not worried.

Just to note. I have installed the unofficial BIOS update 3.08 and can report that now the LED charging light goes white when it reaches the level set in the BIOS.

OK good to know, thank you!

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