Blinking red after opening despite shutdown

Today I was going to replace the headphone jack after having some scratchiness, but once I removed the input cover the LEDs were blinking red. This was after the laptop was shutdown for 20 minutes without charging. Briefly taking the cmos battery out doesn’t help. Is it possible that the motherboard is still drawing power from the battery?

This is the first time the motherboard has acted like this. The only difference I can think of since the last time I serviced my laptop was when I upgraded the bios to 3.07. Maybe this is expected behaviour and I need to use the “disconnect battery” option in the bios?

That indicates that the input cover was removed.

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Right, which @Julian_Joaquin said that they did… but they had shut down the machine first! It’s not supposed to happen while the machine is in S5.

Okay I find the issue, and it also explains some other weird behaviour on my laptop.

So a while ago, I needed to do another CMOS reset by resetting the RTC, and in doing so the receptacle clips that held the battery in place broke off. I managed to glue them back on, but looking at them now I can see that the RTC battery is a bit loose. This could mean that, with some movement, the RTC battery could jiggle around and break contact with the board.

This could explain why my computer seems to boot twice when I start it up since the CMOS state could change when the RTC battery is replaced. As for the LEDs blinking red after shutdown, I’m not so sure. From the guide on resetting the mainboard, the LEDs would blink red when all sources of power is cut and restored (ie. the main battery and the coin cell), yet in my case the board blinks when only the RTC is receded once. My best guess is that it has something to do with how the board determines if it’s receiving power or not. Then again, I know more about coding than hardware so my guess doesn’t have a lot of merit.

Regardless, since I don’t have the skill to do precise soldering, I’ll need to look into buying a new motherboard.

Hi @Julian_Joaquin,

I would recommend submitting a ticket to our support team here: Framework | Support so they can ensure your laptop is performing as intended!

Thank you and stay safe!


This is a follow up for anyone else having similar issues after breaking their RTC battery clip.

I was able to repair the clips using precision gorilla glue. There was some space that allowed the battery to move around, causing the board to reset randomly. I fixed this by adding a small piece of paper between a clip and the battery to act as padding to prevent movement. If you choose to use this solution, make sure to not place the padding on the contact pad on the top-most clip for the battery.

I would recommend that you contact support instead of this approach, but it is something you can do. Something I ask Framework Support to do is add an article in the knowledge base about what to do if you break the RTC battery clip, since there are others who are having similar issues.

Hello, just for your information, I had the same problem of LEDs constantly blinking red, plus my laptop was lagging a lot and I had two minutes of delay between actual time and my laptop’s time.

Following the guide linked above, the problem was indeed the RTC battery. However, my clip doesn’t seem to have any problem as it seems that it was enough for me to unplug the RTC battery and plug it again to resolve the problem of lagging. Red LEDs are still blinking red, but you can disassemble the laptop even though those LEDs are blinking.

Edit: wait for 24 hours before launching any big consumption process because it’ll lag