Blue Screen

I was about to ask where to find the firmware update. Thank you for the help.

Had the exact same issue with the 850 series SSD. Just did the update with the Western Digital Dashboard (took a few seconds after downloading the app) and I’m hoping this fixed it! Thank you!

I wanted to ask if you could fix your problems withe the bluescreen errors? I have the exact same problems. I also have a 850 SSD from Western Digital and the Firmwareupdate with the dashboard did not fix the issue. I am at a point where I dont know what to do anymore.
Do you guys have any ideas what could cause these problems oder maybe how to fix them?

Hi guys. I’ve also suddenly started experiencing some Win10 blue screens after I’ve updated BIOS version. The solution of the issue for me was to disassemble laptop and unplug CMOS battery for 10 minutes (I’ve also unplugged the main battery for the same time. And that was a solution to the Blue screen problem. For 6 months my laptop works 24*7 without any issues.

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