Bluefin Project Community Page FW 13 AMD/Intel

This will serve as the community page for the Bluefin Project. You can find the install guide for this new community support distribution here.

Get Bluefin from:

Official announcement: Bluefin/Bazzite for Framework laptops - Framework Laptops - Universal Blue


The Asus and Surface images ship the and linux-surface kernels, respectively. The Framework image ships recommended power settings for the Framework 13 laptop. All of them allow for user-overridden configuration.

Does it support adjusting battery charging limit in GUI?

I noticed that on Bluefin/Bazzite for Framework laptops - Framework Laptops - Universal Blue ( eliapasquali/power-profile-switcher: Gnome extension to automatically switch between power profiles based on power supply. ( is included.

I don’t think this is a good idea; PPD already does this natively with a less intense setting in PPD 0.21.

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Sending this to Kyle now. Thanks Mario!

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@Mario_Limonciello Okay, @Jorge_Castro is has this staged.

If anything else should be adjusted for AMD, I have ya both tagged here. :slight_smile:

I don’t think you should enable that by default as I see it in the PR. That is going to put the EPP into power on battery which is too aggressive for most battery use. You want it in balance_power which is what PPD 0.21 does.

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Ah, gotcha. I have alerted the team to this. Really appreciate the insights on this.

Alright all of this has been removed and it’ll come in the next update, thanks for the feedback!


Just wanted to give Bluefin a huge shout out! I have been messing with it the past few days, and it has been the best performing desktop Linux I have ever used. Little bit of a learning curve but all for very good reason.

Power management, for example, has been amazing. My normal workload with Windows 11 or Ubuntu 22.04 has the CPU sitting at right around 42-45C. The same workload sees Bluefin sitting at 39C consistently. Better efficiency than Windows and Linux out of the box.

Just really great work and I’m loving this focus on the Framework laptops and desktop Linux!

Absolutely my new favorite Linux OS.


Wow! This OS is fantastic out of the box on my AMD Framework. Seeing lower wattage draws at idle without any tuning than any OS I’ve tried. The default packages included are great, and the UI is beautiful and intuitive. I really like the Bluefin philosophy on system maintenance as well. I’ll be running this for the foreseeable future.

Hope more people decide to give this OS a try.

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