Booting without sight

When I boot from a prepared pen drive are there any key presses at all that are needed before the opsys, win 11 in this case actually boots?
Does it play tones once it’s booted and how long does that take?
If I’m unsure if the laptop is actually turned on or off, will holding down the power button for 20 or 30 seconds cause it to end up turned off, reguardless of whether it was turned on or off initially?
Thank you!

Oh blimey. Now narrator has started talking! Yippee!!!

Looks like you got what you needed, but I’ll add that default boot behavior is to prioritize new boot devices.

I thought the internal SSD would be the priority if there was anything bootable on it, otherwise we have to use the boot manager from BIOS (f2) or use f12?

I would really like to know the exact keystroke for using f12 like this.

My installation didn’t go according to plan.

It did copy files over to the SSD and then rebooted. I could fire up narrator again, this time a male voice came up in contrast to the female voice in the pre-installation environment.

It said something about “network” and then stopped speaking. I didn’t have the laptop connected to the Ethernet at the time.

A hard reset does nothing. If windows was able to boot it should play tones when it fires up.

I think I need to try again by booting from the pen drive.

I don’t think this should matter since I have the Ethernet card but I can’t follow the instructions to produce a version that does not connect to network because it requires a newer version of rufus that does not run on windows 7. Likewise the Microsoft media creator does not work on win 7 either.

Probably since no drivers were installed it was unable to connect to WiFi.

If you’re still having issues with WiFi and Windows 11, I’d suggest installing Windows 10 first, getting all the drivers set up, then if you choose to then go to Windows 11. Windows 11 requires WiFi, even for local accounts as far as I know so it’s the best way. (For Local, use a suspended Microsoft account like and use anything for the password)

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I’ve seen reports of some drivers not being available or not working on Windows 10

Thank you. I did eventually get Win 11 installed successfully though with the framework ethernet adaptor.

fr? which drivers?