Breaking Changes

I love that the new screen for the Framework 13 was make to be backwards compatible and fit into all generations of the FW13, it’s really impressive to have 4 generations with that much compatibility.

Eventually it seems like there will need to be breaking changes, for example if the FW13 wanted to support a keyboard module similar to the one in the FW16.

Has there been any thought about when a breaking change will happen? What support will look like for older versions? How to build a compatibility checker to ensure you don’t by a part that doesn’t work with your version etc?

Similarly, and obviously we can’t hold anyone to specifics in this thread, is there any though about what kinda of change would be impactful enough to warrant a breaking change? For example, if LPCAMM2 changed the mainboard enough to require a breaking change would that be worth it?

I know this is a classic trap, but I feel like there is some cool tech right around the corner and it always makes me hesitant to buy something right now, I always agonize over if I should wait just a touch longer…

I’m sure there has – but if the Framework team knew about it beforehand, they would have incorporated the changes already, so that it wouldn’t be a breaking change. :laughing:

Don’t know how long you’ve been in this game, but I’ve been around a good long while, and the only logical answer I’ve found is to buy what you need (or a little more), when you need it, and never look back. You’ll never know what’s just around the corner and is going to blindside the entire industry. At least with a Framework, there’s a decent chance that you’ll be able to get an upgrade that will incorporate it, any other manufacturer wouldn’t even bother trying.

(I’m personally drooling over the promise of “solid state batteries,” and their three-to-five-times the power capacity in the same size package. I know that Framework will add those as soon as they can swing it.)