Broken QR code under expansion slot

The QR code under bottom-right expansion slot on my 2022 Framework (gen 11) leads to 404 page. I’m not sure what the link should contain so I’m partly censoring it (in case it has something sensitive).

My QR code:

Anyone experiencing the same issue?

What application are you using to read the QR code? All the asterisks in the code you posted almost look like a scan error or possibly a bad print on Framework’s side? I’m also curious if your laptop is one of the refurbished 11th gen laptops if you purchased it in 2022, its possible those could have had issues especially if it’s in the batch that came with German keyboards?

for reference, here is the link that code should redirect to:

and here is the link that my QR code reads:


(had to add a space after the backslashes to get the forum to show it)

here’s hoping I don’t get dinged for the random code having a dirty word in it (sorry mods)

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oooooo, I’m telling! @moderators look at this filthy member! BAN them!

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NOOOOOOOOO I was trying to be informational D:


FWIW, I don’t think it was a scan error.

Yes the asterisks are not present in the QR code, I edited it.

Strange, so it looks that my QR code is broken. Good to know that it should lead to startup guide only.

Yes, the laptop is from 2022 and yes, it was with German keyboard originally. What kind of issues they had? Can I read more information about it somewhere?

I had problem with broken USB boot and I had to reflash BIOS. Was it this one?

Ah yes, look at that, it helps when my brain doesn’t skip over parts of the original post.

I would like to note that I don’t think these laptops had any known issues, however refurbished models are laptops that Framework had returned to them from users who decided that they didn’t want the laptop, and should be fully functioning.

The batch with the German keyboards however are a special batch that Framework hasn’t given too many details on, but do have the incorrect keyboard on them even though they are being sold in the US, so I wonder if there could have been other minor issues (incorrectly printed QR codes for example) as for functionality I trust that Framework did their due dilligence to ensure that they work as properly as other laptops sold.

Oh, now I get it. Mine had German keyboard, but it has been sold to Germany ;-).

If your QR codes on this place are okay, maybe it is one-off mistake of my device and I’m okay with that. I was just curious for the potential reason behind that.

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