BSOD returning from hibernation (windows 11, 12th gen Framework)

So I can’t use sleep because battery drain kills the battery in 24 hours. Hibernate is a good compromise and works OK except a third of the time a resume leads me to the unhappy face blue screen with the “kmode_exception_not_handled” error.

Can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong. I usually only have my accounting software, the brave browser and truecrypt running when I close my lid to enter hibernate.

I have reseated the memory and hard drive several times. No dice. Anyone have and ideas for me to try? Really want this laptop to work but I feel like I’ve taken a step back compared to my old huawei laptop which had no issues like this at all under Windows 10.


Wasn’t truecrypt already dead even before Windows 11 was out?

I’m saying, you need Veracrypt instead for Windows 11 support:

Some history:

It is old for sure but I’m not using whole disk encryption. I just use it to make a second drive to store some data on. Windows and other programs are all on the c drive without any encryption at all. Never had an issue with it in sleep mode or in win 10.

You’re trying to relate your software experience from Windows 10 to Windows 11 where the software has not been subjected to compatibility testing. Do you not see the potential problem here?

In short: It’s unsupported.

Don’t you have a truecrypt.sys process running, regardless of whether you’re using FDE or not.

Sleep mode is not hibernation. You can’t expect it to behave in the same manner… and evidently, you’re experiencing issue.

Analogy: I get into the house through the front door, or through the garage. That’s been working well. Why can’t I get in through the 2nd floor balcony(?!)…there’s a door there! (It’s an untested / unvalidated use case)

I can see that…even when pointed out what could potentially be the issue.

I thought truecrypt was unsupported for windows 10 as well so what’s the big difference?

Going from one unsupported Windows version to another unsupported Windows version…are you really asking…and continue to expect the same level of unsupported behaviour?

Just shift over to veracrypt and be done with it.

If this doesn’t resolve the issue…at least you’re on a supported platform. That’s how you do potential root cause elimination.

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Done. We’ll see what happens.

I’m using Truecrypt since, whenever, and now on my 11th Gen with Win 11 since Feb 2022 with no problem and nearly always use hibernate, multiple times a day.

…and then the usual: Driver updates.