BT Audio Lag (AMD)

I’m getting an audio lag/ out of sync audio when using bluetooth earbuds, any one else have this issue?

Earbuds being used are Status Audio between 3ANC
Laptop is the FW13 7040 series
Windows 11
Downloaded and installed the latest driver package
Bios version 03.03
Bluetooth is on version 1.1034.0.328

I have the same specs on my FW Laptop and the same Problem. Let me know if you found a solution:)

It’s seems like the issue has fixed itself? A few things I did though;

Unpaired the earbuds and disabled Bluetooth

Shut down the computer for a few minutes, then booted it back up

Checked for any available updates (don’t appear to be any)

Re-enabled and paired everything.

After that it seems to be fine, I tested it with some audio sync videos on YouTube. I’d guess just unpairing and re-pairing the devices did the trick. The Internet was also saying to make sure no audio enhancements are enabled.

okay thank you. I tried the this already but unfortunately it did not work for me.

That’s odd… Maybe try uninstalling and reinstalling the driver?