Building bottom half from parts

I’d like to just have the lower half of a 13" laptop. I could get a full laptop and just remove the screen/top half, which I’m considering, but I’m also considering just getting parts for a lower half and assembling it.

It looks like the bottom cover and input cover kits come with a lot of components installed… seems like all I need otherwise is main board, battery, wifi module, and probably fastener kits for both covers? Am I missing anything else?

The wifi and bluetooth antenna is in the top cover, so if you intend to use wifi or bluetooth you will need a plan to mount the antenna somewhere else.


ah, yeah def need wifi/bluetooth. hrmm, might be easier with 3rd party antennas if the standard one wouldn’t fit anywhere in the bottom half.

I wonder if these are worth trying

These should work fine. Of course you need to find a good mounting position, if the antennas are completely inside the metal frame, you obviously won’t get a good signal.

Thanks! I’m considering 3d printing something to fit neatly in the gap at the top where the hinge would be, so I’m thinking I could do that and mount the antennae against the frame in that gap, so it’d only be occluded by the 3d printed plastic.