Built in Framework Mainboard on Electric Wheelchair

I recently got a new wheelchair that I am in the process of customizing for myself. One idea I’ve been wanting to do for a long time is to have a built-in computer that runs off of the wheelchair battery power. Recently the older generation Intel mainboards have come back in stock and I’m planning on buying one. I had a couple questions that I couldn’t answer based on the product pages.

I plan on purchasing a compatible M.2 SSD in addition to these parts from the Framework Marketplace.

Mainboard (11th Gen Intel® Core™) - i5-1135G7
Cooler Master Mainboard Case
DDR4-3200 - 16GB (2 x 8GB)
Refurbished Expansion Card Pack (2 USB-C, 1 USB-A, 1 HDMI)
*Audio Board Kit
**Intel® Wi-Fi 6E AX210 vPro®

Will that shopping list allow me full functionality assuming I have an HDMI monitor to plug into the HDMI expansion card?

*Do I need the audio board kit if my HDMI monitor has its own 3.5 mm audio output?

**Does the mainboard already have Wi-Fi and do I still need to purchase antennas?

I need to run everything from a 72 W DC to DC power supply (including my 10 W monitor). Will I have issues keeping the Framework Mainboard under 60 W? I don’t plan on doing any gaming, although my voice recognition software provides a constant moderate CPU load.


*You shouldn’t need the audio board, HDMI can carry audio signals
**The mainboard has no built-in wifi, you’ll need the card. And antennas. Framework sells some but you can get third party ones.
The board should only hit 60W while boosting under PL2 limits, for a few seconds. In the BIOS you can disable boosting and then the board will definitely never get close to that much.


As Nich_Trimble said, you will need a wifi card and antennas.
The coolermaster case was made to be able to accommodate the Framework laptop antenna module. But it also has holes for RP-SMA antenna jacks, so you could attach external antennas. You would need a U.FL to RP-SMA cable for that.


Thanks, I had the antennas but not the u.fl to rp-sma cable. I’ll make sure to purchase one before my order arrives.

Nirav (Framework CEO) pointed out this is the similar MHF4:

So you’ll need MHF4 to RP-SMA adapter cables.


I just realized I might actually need the Audio Board Kit. I forgot to mention that I will need to plug a microphone into this as well as a speaker (I’m using a bone conducting transducer that I will build into the headrest). Does that mean I should order the Audio Board Kit and does it fit into the cooler master case?

The cooler maser case does have a spot for the audio board kit. It does sound like you need one. You have a regular mic or headset with a 3.5mm audio jack, yes? There are some headsets with usb instead.


Very cool project if you do end up building this out! :+1: