Business Use & Pre-Order Limit of One - When Can I Order Another?

I have pre-ordered a laptop for myself, and depending on the results of my personal evaluation I might be interested in purchasing additional laptops for other employees in the office. Will I be able to order additional laptops after my pre-order is delivered? Does Framework have any plans around business purchases, quantity discounts, etc?

Keep up the great work Framework Folk!

Did you order your Framework laptop for business or personal purposes?
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  • Both Business & Personal Use Combined

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Hi Jason, it’s great to hear that. We will be increasing the order limit soon. For orders of more than a few units, for now it is best to contact We will be enabling volume ordering for businesses through the website later.


@gjason I’ve ordered one for myself to evaluate and interested in the same thing. Based on the evaluation, testing a few units with my users at work. The modular design and ease of repair is extremely interesting to me as an IT manager.

Support said it wouldn’t be long before business orders can be accepted by the support email and the marketplace website should be being stood up soon.

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Framework, do you have an idea of when customers can order more than one laptop?

Not being pushy or impatient. Just wondering if such a date is already known.

I found this message that might answer your question?

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It does. I’ll send them a message.