Buy laptop without Expansion Cards

In the DIY edition specs : “4x User-selectable Expansion Cards”.
It will be possible to buy the laptop without any Expansion Cards ?

I imagine the default selection would be 4x USB-C since those are just passthrough. I’m not sure what the benefit would be of not having at least those.


We don’t know if there will be 4x USB-C or 4x HDMI :upside_down_face:
I think we can choose that. In that case, does each module cost the same ?

In my opinion, if I want only 1 usb C (and 3 void module(void module exists?)) it’s cheaper for us.
For example, if I have a mini hub for cards, ports ecc and I want to use it in different PCs, I need only 1 usb C module.

( I hope you understand, my English is not perfect :sweat_smile: )

I read better @CFG9000 reply and yes, 4 usb C ports could be a good option and cheaper than others.

Hi @Alberto_Donati
We recommend you use expansion cards, it is difficult to fit may usb-c cables directly into the device without the expansion card.

You should be able to 3dprint your own blanks that you could use as a cover once we release the cad package for expansion cards. See CAD files for expansion card frames? If you prefer a DIY option.

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I think if there will be the opportunity to buy a laptop with only one module it could be enough for some people.
For example, who wants to create his own module or order other modules in the future, at the beginning one module might be enough.

Considering the cost of the design / manufacturing of the generic module housing and then the extra cost of the actual type of port offered, these are cheap.

Right now depending on the type, either $9 or $19 each. I over ordered my selection of ports to accommodate any use case I can have, and even one to take apart and play with… And I was still under my budget for a new laptop.