CAD files for expansion card frames?

I’d love to start poking around at what I can squeeze into one of the expansion card frames. Any chance for CAD and electrical requirements being available?


Yes! We will be releasing these. We’re currently still preparing the document package for the release, but keep a look out for that.


sweeeet. I’d love to try to squeeze something like a yubikey in there.


Sweet! Looking forward to seeing if a friend and I can design an interfaceable RISC-V card or multi-card-reader expansion card!



I’m thinking about miniaturizing a J1939 bus (heavy on-road diesel) connection into one of these modules so I can get rid of the junk SCSI connector we have to use for a lot of onboard engine controllers.

Anybody have any experience with ECM connectors and diagnostics?

That J1939 idea is a solid one and I bet it would be pretty easy to slip an LPC chip in there running ELM 327 and come up with a breakout cable to get OBDII. maybe get real fancy and add CAN in there too. I mean yeah, it would be smarter to just use a BT OBDII adapter, but we’re talking about a DIY laptop here so I’m sure ya’ll get it :slight_smile:

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Since we’re on the topic, will Frame.Work be selling blank (empty) plastic housings for experimental expansion cards? Like the one for the display port. Just the empty housing with no contents.

Hi Shawn, we are considering that. Because the cards are so small, it’s actually really inexpensive to get the enclosures 3D printed, which then also allows them to be customized to each design. We may also be able to offer empty housings.

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