Can Framework Install windows 10 on a DIY laptop

im going to buy a DIY framework laptop but the only OS options i get is windows 11 or Linux. personally i prefer windows 10 for now and would like to stick to it for the time being. Since Microsoft has stop selling windows 10 keys its very difficult to get hold of a genuine key. however i know a lot of pre-built pc company’s still are able to install windows 10 on pre-built machines. i do remember seeing framework offering windows 10 on the pre-built intel laptops but not on the AMD DIY laptops. Is there anyway for me to ask if framework can install 10 when i palce my order.

No there isn’t. Microsoft has stopped selling retail & OEM keys for Windows 10. Windows 10 EOL isn’t that far away and newer hardware isn’t supported.


You would need an 11th gen.
See Do the 13 DIY drivers work in Windows 10
You can find used 11th gen Frameworks on ebay or Windows 10 can definitely still be activated. But I can’t link to the instructions here because the method is not official.

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Depends on where you are, you can still buy Windows 10. e.g.

The not-so-legal way is to use a OEM Windows 7 key from an old system…(it’s still a ‘genuine key’). Those refurb gen 2 - gen 7 Core i systems are dirt cheap because they don’t support Windows 11. People are ditching them.

If you really want to stick with Windows 10, even beyond EOL…maybe considering placing a pre-order for the AMD board (to avoid the big.little arch).

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Still should not try doing that. There isn’t Windows 10 drivers for a lot of new stuff such as the AMD wifi card. At this point, the AMD wifi card is strongly recommended by Framework. You risk having a terrible experience. Is there a reason why you want to stick with Windows 10? If it’s preference, there are many tweaks that can mostly restore the appearance of Windows 10. There’s isn’t much functionally between Windows 10 and 11, mostly an aesthetic update. If you’re deadset on Windows 10, you can try to get an 11th gen Framework 13 however, you’ll have to deal with the RTC battery issue and wifi 6e will not work.


…and some Thunderbolt edge cases(?) that prevented it from TB certified, plus the battery drain regarding certain expansion cards during sleep / suspend, plus the lid, and the hinge (not retrofitted with current gen hardware).

You need a REALLY strong reason to get an 11th gen FL 13 in 2023.

Hell, I would just get either the AMD of 13th gen with Windows 11, and run Windows 10 in a VM if you need Windows 10 (for whatever your reason is).


Just to fully answer the original question, Framework will not install windows 10 on the storage of a DIY laptop, because they don’t do that for any DIY laptops. You would have to install Windows 10 by yourself, however, you can still purchase a Windows 11 key with your DIY edition (which is what happens when you select Windows as your OS choice) and use that Windows 11 key to unlock Windows 10.

This is only a good idea if you are on an 11th gen mainboard, as that is the only mainboard that currently has Windows 10 drivers. While there has been no news on if the AMD mainboards will get Windows 10 drivers, it seems unlikely due to them being chips, and Framework focusing on Windows 11 as their Windows OS of choice for drivers these days.